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"Kids should not die"

WITH ANGELS FOUNDATION is founded by Inna Trakhtenberg, mother of 11-years old Anthony Reznik who was hit by a speeding car, that ran a red light, suddenly while crossing the street in Sunny Isles, FL on the 10th of February, 2021. Anthony endured serious head trauma and after 24-hours his family was counseled by their medical team that he would not recover from his brain injuries, and they should take him off life support. 

Inna was not ready to give up and chose to spend the next 14 days practicing holistic medicine approaches to heal her son’s body and allow herself to grieve and say goodbye. Ultimately Reznik family made the decision to take Anthony off life support for him to help save other lives.

Upon harvesting Anthony’s organs, Inna learned that the 14-days she spent holistically healing Anthony’s body lead to his organs being in better condition and allowing him to offer more to the organ recipients had he shared them after 24 hours

This experience was a light bulb moment for Inna, she was able to heal her son as much as possible, find closure and say goodbye, and offer multiple families the opportunity for their children to receive life and the hope that she can form bonds with the families and carry out Anthony’s life through them.

Inna realized that so many parents do not receive the opportunity she had in helping their child achieve a stronger and more comfortable state through holistic practices, process the extreme grief, find support among parents in the same situation, connect with the organ recipient families and form a lifetime bond. 


Opening Heart and Mind Helps Connect and Heal!

There is nothing more precious to a parent than a child, and nothing more important to our future than the safety of all our children.

Our Mission

Our Mission

With Angels Foundation is devoted to fostering safer and more compassionate communities through advocacy and direct support. Our mission encompasses three pivotal pillars: 


 1. Enhancing Road Safety and Accountability: We are committed to increasing the visibility of pedestrian crossings and advocating for stringent penalties against reckless driving. Our goal is to create safer roads and hold individuals accountable, particularly in cases resulting in fatalities or major injuries. 

 2. Providing Support and Humanitarian Assistance in Times of Crisis: We stand with families and children affected by natural disasters, war, and other forms of adversity. Committed to delivering impactful humanitarian aid, we support innovative technological solutions and equipment development that aim to alleviate challenges faced by communities in crisis, contributing to initiatives that bring tangible help and hope. 

 3. Supporting Post-Conflict and Disaster Recovery through Innovation: Recognizing the long-term impact of conflicts and natural disasters, we are dedicated to the development and deployment of innovative technologies and solutions that address the challenges of recovery and rebuilding. This includes, but is not limited to, the clearing of landmines and unexploded ordnance, restoring safe environments, and aiding in the rehabilitation of communities. Our efforts aim to empower affected regions with the tools and support necessary for a sustainable recovery, ensuring safety and resilience against future adversities.

Our Vision

With Angels Foundation envisions a world where communities are safe, compassionate, and resilient, united by a global strategy for social change. We aspire to create environments that foster accountability, especially on the roads, and provide crucial support and humanitarian assistance during times of crisis. Our commitment extends beyond borders, aiming to make a significant impact locally, nationally, and internationally. By combating aggressiveness, cruelty, and adversity, we strive to pave the way for innovation in safety and support, ensuring that every individual, family, and community has the resources and advocacy needed to thrive.

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