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Operation Sunflower (OPSF) is a coalition of American, European, Latin American and Ukrainian commercial and local partners working together to provide critical life-saving aid in Ukraine. OPSF’s objective is to provide immediate delivery of humanitarian aid into Ukraine, including the hardest-to-reach locations. Utilizing OPSF’s unique network and capabilities, OPSF could focus on the following areas:


Logistics Capabilities



30 +

 logistics partners

Logistics employees
 and volunteers

Vendors of dry canned goods, dry foods, biscuits, water bottle producers, drug wholesalers, and Meals Ready to Eat producers



Vehicles for transportation both in the European Union and in Ukraine.

M2 of total warehouse capacity in Ukraine and other countries

GoU Partnership and Aid Distribution

aid distribution

In coordination with the Ministry for Reintegration of Temporary Occupied Territories of Ukraine and many regional, district, and local Ukrainian officials, Operation Sunflower will provide humanitarian aid to the regional administrations, who will coordinate further distribution of the aid through their local councils and volunteer network. Operation Sunflower’s partner, the GoU, will be coordinating the direct delivery of aid with the Ukrainian military and local civil defense forces to provide security for all humanitarian convoys. Therefore, Operation Sunflower can utilize volunteer networks and distribute humanitarian aid to the following regions:

  • (Kyiv/Kyiv region) Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel and Bila Tserkva District

  • (Khmelnitsky region) Kamenez-Podilsky and Shepetovka District

  • (Kirovohrad Region) Aleksandriskiy and Golovanevskiy District

  • (Rivne Region) Dubnenskiy and Sarnenskiy District

  • (Volyn Region) Rantivskiy and Gorihivskiy District

  • (Kharkiv Region) Pershotravneviy and Kypinskiy Districts

  • (Dnipropetrovsk Region) Nikopolskiy and Pavlogradskiy District

  • (Zhytomyr Region) Malinskiy and Olevskiy District

  • (Odessa Region) Izmailskia nad Bilgorod Dnestrovskiy District

  • (Poltava Region) Lubnianskiy and Khorolskiy District

  • (Chernihiv Region) Bahmach and Negin District

Live Updates

Partnerships and Relationships

  • Together with local Ukrainian NGO's, we represent OPSF’s main local aid counterpart

  • Twelve local Ukrainian NGO partnerships serve
    as aid distributors for OPSF

  • Crypto/blockchain initiatives with Ukrainian telecommunication companies for more creative humanitarian solutions


Helping Ukraine

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